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  1. Sarah


  2. jenson

    can someone fix 11/12 frankie’s talk ?

  3. jenson

    did you guys mistakenly put some other people’s program onto Frankie’s talk’s archive?

    can not listen to 11/12’s show, can you guys fix it ?

    loooooove the way he slaps “despair star commercial radio station" hahahhahha, so funny.

    Frankie, keep up the good work man!

    1. Hi Jenson,thanks for your support, actually Frankie didn’t host show on 11/12, because he had a day off on that day.

  4. Yan


  5. Christine

    I listened to the interview with April today between 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm on FM 92.3. She sounds like an interesting lady living a green life with bees, chickens in her yard. Can you please tell me April’s full name? Also what is the name of her solar company?

  6. sherry


    1. Sherry 你好,首先非常多謝你對本電台節目的支持!但因為本電台節目實在太多,所有節目重溫都通常會在一星期內上傳,望體諒!

      1. SHERRY你放心,我會好好教訓佢地嫁. 同埋好多謝你嘅支持.

  7. Lydia

    Can you tell me the phone number? Thanks!


    1. Lydia你好,北京酸奶的查詢電話是:1-800-352-6698

  8. Yan

    How to listen radio from iphone as Tsingtao Radio?

  9. sandy

    最好介紹一下出去吃西餐如何做Wine Pairing,支持你們的電臺,

    1. Jack

      關於Wine Paring方面,我們正準備籌畫一個以酒為主題的節目,
      當然Wine Paring會是我們必不可少的元素,謝謝你的支持

  10. Grace

    Ghost story and Frankie’s talk are my favorite, keep up the good work! Thanks

    Any ghost story regarding cats? I have one…. few years ago I have a black and white cat, the kind with four white feet, one time he came in my house and he got so scare that he ran out to the belcony right away, looks like he saw someone sitting on my couch, on the belcony he keeps looking at my couch and he looks like he’s shaking, And later on I think back, it was around the time one of my close relative commited suicide in Hong Kong (jumped from high building). And her picture was hanging in my house. But we’re living in South Bay. I’m not sure that’s her the cat saw or someone else.
    I knew cats can see things that we can’t.

    1. If you want to share your ghost story with our host, I can let him to contact you. Thanks for your support!

    2. Gipson

      This Sunday noon from 12-1pm, our show B420’s topic is Halloween. We will share some ghost stories wor. You are welcome to share you or your friends’ ghostlike stories!!!!

      1. Matee

        You get a lot of repscet from me for writing these helpful articles.

  11. ^^Janet^^

    其實我好鐘意聽你地電臺噶節目,宜家星期六d節目好佐好多, 果日聽到有個叫人民堂噶節目講得好好啊,但是到佐中午好似聽到同一把主持人噶聲,聲線又唔系話特別,而且有口音,點解唔用其它DJ呢?

    1. 其實我哋已經開始改進緊,節目亦會開始加入更多新嘅聲音,重新改變一下本來的配搭,多謝你嘅支持!

  12. Sherry


    1. Gipson


      1. 你鍾意聽佢把聲,下次可以打上黎同佢傾下計嫁

  13. Tonydd


    1. Gipson

      多謝支持, 小弟會繼續努力, 儘量令你有開心嘅一小時~

  14. jenson

    is your system down? wanted to listen to Frankie’sTalk but can not find anything under program Review.

    i like the way he pay tribute to steve jobs last week very much.

  15. elaine

    呜呜····我想要听Frankie`的节目“`可是打开节目重温“`出现的都是error-404( ⊙ o ⊙ )“`请问什么时候可以修复好吖?? 有没有他最新一期的节目吖·?? 拜托····期待““““`ing“““““““`

    1. elaine

      frankie的節目爲什麽skip了兩期啊??可不可以補上啊????想重新聽一下steve jobs的那期節目····

      1. jenson

        great to hear other people value Frankie’s program like i do.

        the way he play steve jobs’ speech is very touching.
        yes, can someone post his two other missing programs?

  16. Lala

    Hello, on last Sunday’s program called 福音天地(9/18/2011), the invited guest mentioned about her experiences about going through depression, and then she mentioned about a book called…something like “从忧郁冲向阳光". I am interested in finding this book. I looked it up online but was not able to find it. I’m wondering if I can get some info from you guys upon finding this book. I have a friend really need this book. Please help! We will sincerely appreciate your help!!


    1. Elder Kou

      Dear Lala:
      The book of the name– " managing your emotions" by Joyce Meyer is a very good one about taking care of depression. This book helped me a lot. It has been translated into Chinese by the publisher 以琳書局
      God bless you
      Elder Kou

      1. Lala

        Thanks, Elder!

  17. jenson

    can you guys fix the 13th edition of frankie’s talk show on your archive ? it gives an error when i click play on the link.

    want to hear the show now.

    is there a way you guys can move his show to some later time like 11am when i am awake sat morning ?

    1. 管理員

      Hi Jenson
      it’s already been fixed
      thanks for your support !!!

  18. jenson

    hey what’s up with your latest frankie’s talk? the link online give some error when i try to listen to it.

    keep up the good work frankie!

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  27. elaine

    i have been listening to your show and found out most of your cantonese DJ dont know what they are talking about, they have no main focus on conversation topic, just like the previous audience pointed out the love relationship program monday night turned into some really boring meaningless conversation where the DJ dont show any passion doing the show at all, basically some guys just showed up and talk randomly about meaningless stuff, it would be great if you guys can have some good love relationship program which is interesting enough and the DJ have some points when theya re talking.

    i am particularly annoyed by your friday night cantonese program where the two guys and two girls talk about the cathay pacific scandal in such a horrible sexually explicit way, my family was having dinner at the time and i was so embrassed by the material they talk about, i am almost sure the term they used are not appropriate to be aired.

    1. We will do better in the future, thanks for your comment

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  30. sam

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  31. Tian


    1. 你好 我們的第三期DJ培訓班會在8月7號 和 8月14號 在世界日報 231 Adrian Rd Millbrae 那裡舉行,具體內容我會發郵件到你郵箱

      1. 訪客


      2. Tian


  32. Andrew


    I am wondering what happen with the monday 9-10 p.m. love relationship show. I feel like it is more like a information show than a love relationship show. I had listen this show a couple times, and I feel like this show had been change its objective, not about “LOVE" anymore. I am a big fan of listening love relationship show and I hope you guys can talk more about “Love relationship" rather than “Live information". Thanks!

  33. sherry cui


    1. 我們部分主持人是中國的國語口音,相信每個地區都有它獨特的口音。希望您會更注重我們節目的內容,我們也會盡量讓主持人們繼續努力和改進。

  34. 訪客

    Hi, I was listening to the morning show on Mon of this week, and there was a song in English by a Chinese male singer or group, I was wondering if you have the playlist from then. The announcer said the song was #2 in the top awards for 1995 I think.

    New listener

    1. I believe the music you’ve been listening is during the off-air period of bay area metro radio. The songs are actually broadcasted by 92.3 fm the frequency owner

  35. music lover


    1. 聽眾你好,其實很多時候你聽到的歌並不是本電台安排播放,只是FM92.3頻道隨機播放的,所以暫時可能很難把List給你,或者我們會盡快和他們商量,之後會跟進這個問題!謝謝你的收聽!

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    1. Thanks so much! Best wishes for you!

  39. lin


    1. 聽眾你好,我們應該如果是開車的話在19街和Mission街是接收沒有問題的,或者下次你開其他車出去試試,如果再有問題歡迎在來留言,我們會努力改進!多謝!

  40. 忠实听众


    1. 訪客


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