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時事廣場 10/01/2013


簡介:“時刻緊接,事事相连,廣揽世界,场场有你” 逢星期二晚上9時,在灣區新城電台AM1400 現場直播。节目圍繞着政治和民生事項,每次專注於不同的主題,邀請專家作深入分析,向公眾開放電話討論,是该时段在灣區華人中收聽率最高、聽眾人數最多、完全本地製作的粵語節目。 主持:周禮樵、招霞、陈小焱 Live commentary on recent events, legislation, policies and social issues, as well as interviews to political and community leaders, with interactive listener phone calls. This talk show is conducted by 3 community organizers and activities who have different views on issues. Their analyses are fun, balanced and creative, and achieves the …

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時事廣場 03/14/2013

時事廣場 03/12/2013

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時事廣場 03/07/2013

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時事廣場 03/05/2013

下載:時事廣場 03/05/2013

主持 – 招霞

招霞出身于電腦行業,熱心社區活動,樂意幫助民眾用法律和知識來保護自己的權益。除了工作和家庭,她還用空餘時間,為三藩市小業主協會做義工,希望令更多朋友能“自助和互助”。 Josephine Zhao has a background in software development, and is a community organizer and activist for the under-served Chinese immigrant community. Her passion is to help the Chinese immigrants to navigate the complex political and social landscapes in this newly arrived country, by empowering these folks with knowledge in local laws and policies, so …

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時事廣場 第一期 

時事廣場 第一期 2012年09月04日 主持人:周禮樵 下載:時事廣場 第一期